Car Wash Features

Offering just about everything needed to keep your machine nice and clean!

Outside & In

Car Wash Feature – Soft Cloth Wash

Non-abrasive soft cloths clean your vehicle from top to bottom in approximately 3 minutes.

Car Wash Feature – Vacuums Included

Make sure the inside of your car is as clean as the outside with our free, high suction vacuums and air dusting equipment included with all washes.

Polish & Finishes

Car Wash Feature – Triple Foam Polish

Condition and protect your paint with our specially formulated triple foam wax.

Car Wash Feature – Rain Repellent

Increase the shine and create a water repellent layer on your car’s surface.

Car Wash Feature – Ceramic Shield

A three-step layering process that provides ultimate protection and a longer lasting shine.

Car Wash Feature – Hot Wax

Give your car a long-lasting shine and help repel dirt until your next car wash.

Wheels & Tires

Car Wash Feature – Wheel Bright

Clean the dirt and grime from your tires and rims with our specially formulated cleaner, designed to get rid of built-up brake dust and dirt.

Car Wash Feature – Tire Shine

Tire glossing will leave your tires shiny and looking their best.

Drying Options

Car Wash Feature – Jet Dry

Finish your car wash experience with multiple blowers designed to leave your vehicle dry and shiny.

Car Wash Feature – Diamond Dry

Additional blowers to enhance the final drying process.

Service – Bug Prep

Chemicals applied manually to loosen bug residue before wash process.