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GATE Express Carwash Employees

Competitive Wages, Medical/ Dental/ Vision, Paid Vacations and so much more!

Brian Ruff:

Hire Date Manager 4/2/2018
Promotion Manager 8/2/2019
Promotion Floating Manager 1/3/2020
Promotion Multi-Site Manager 2/20/2020
Promotion Supervisor of Operations 7/6/2023

Courtney Turner:

Hire Date  Sales Associate 11/5/2018
Promotion Assistant Manager 1/11/2019
Promotion Manager  4/26/2019
Promotion  Multi-Site Manager  7/1/2021

Max Borker:

Hire Date:  Sales Associate 6/18/2018
Promotion Team Lead 9/28/2018
Promotion Assistant Manager 8/16/2019
Promotion Manager 5/29/2020
Promotion Multi-Site Manager 2/25/22
Promotion Multi-Site Supervisor 7/6/2023