GATE Express Carwash operates premium, free-standing express tunnel car wash throughout Northeast Florida. With approximately 20 locations in development, there will soon be a GATE Express Carwash location near you.


  • State of the art technology providing a top-quality car wash in under four minutes
  • 125 to 145-foot tunnels that can accommodate five to seven cars at a time
  • No need for customers to leave their vehicle
  • Numerous free, high-suction vacuums
  • Discounted Memberships Plans offering daily wash packages
  • Attendants on hand to help ensure safety and satisfaction

Eco Friendly

  • Environmentally-friendly systems designed to support water conversation by utilizing 85% less water than that of a home car wash and then recycling approx. 80% of the water used to wash dishes.
  • Biodegradable chemicals
  • State-of-the-art sensors and video equipment to ensure precision washes and vehicle safety.
Frequently Asked Questions